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Thule K-Guard 840
Faster, safer, easier - spend less time loading and unloading and more time in y...
thule k guard 840
Thule Hull-a-Port Pro 837
The tiltable version of our most stable and space-saving kayak carrier.
thule hull-a-port-pro 837
Thule Hullavator Pro 898
Get out on the water quickly and easily – even on your own. This lift-assist c...
thule hullavator pro
Thule Kayak Support 520-1
Basic space saving carrier for transport of all types of kayak.
thule kayak support 520
Thule Hull-a-Port 835-1
This standard J-style cradle delivers superior carrying performance and protecti...
thule hull a port 835
Thule Hydroglide 873
A smart kayak carrier with built-in load assist.
thule hydroglide 873
Thule Portage
Carry your canoe or kayak safely and securely, and spend maximum time out on the...
thule portage
Thule Multipurpose Carrier 855
A smart carrier for masts, paddles and oars.
Porta-Kayak Thule 874
A functional kayak carrier that adapts perfectly to the hull of the kayak.
porta-kayak 874