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Introducing the next generation Tipper.

While the Tipper names have changed (TT85, TT105 and TT126 have become TT2515, TT3017 and TT3621), the trailers are their metric equivalent and offer the same volumetric capacity.

TT2515 (8’ x 5’), the smallest of the range, has a maximum gross weight of 2700kg with the option of a manual or electric hydraulic pump (and self-contained 12v battery). This trailer comes with a strengthened aluminium floor as standard.

Larger models TT3017 (10’ x 5’6″) and TT3621 (12’ x 6’6″) have electrically operated tipper mechanisms with a self-contained 12v battery as standard.


tipper tipper beavertail containers tipper

Technical description

Modelos Medidas internas Neumáticos MMA TARA
TT2515 2,47 x 1,46 155/70R12C / 165R13C 2700 Kg 640 Kg
TT3017 3,01 x 1,68 185/70R13C / 195/60R12C 3500 Kg 966 Kg
TT3621 3,62 x 1,98 185/70R13C / 195/60R12C 3500 Kg 1150 Kg

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