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Thule WingBar 963

The most silent and safe load bar.

  • Using airplane technology to minimize sound and fuel consumption.
  • Smoothly arched for a slim fit.
  • Excellent aerodynamic properties, drag force is reduced with 55% vs. predecessors Thule AeroBar.
  • WindDiffuser™ diverts the air currents.
  • Trail Edge™ for reduced air resistance.
  • Equipped with T-tracks – an ingenious feature with great benefits. Load accessories are easily slided in place into the track. The full length of the load bar can be used, making more space for attaching several accessories.
  • City Crash approved for 100 kg according to ISO Norm.
  • Use the Thule Buyer’s Guide to find out which roof rack fits your car.


thule wingbar thule wingbar thule wingbar thule wingbar thule wingbar


Technical description

Maximum load
Fulfils City Crash norm  
Colour Aluminium
Miscellaneous All current major Thule box fixation systems and most Thule accessories fits securely to Thule WingBar profile with enclosed fixation system. T-track adapter may be needed in some cases.
SKU No 963

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