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Thule K-Summit XXL

The external chain for big SUVs

  • The external chain for big SUVs over 2,000 kilos of empty weight.
  • Fitted on the original nut/bolt of the wheel (not the anti-theft one).
  • Innovative ratchet system which acts as force multiplier and permits effortless fitting.
  • Tensioning springs decrease dynamic elevation and enable perfect fitting on several tyre sizes.
  • Tread chain with alternation of special injection-moulded plastic plates with hard metal studs and special alloyed steel chain.
  • Welded bars provide better grip and performance on ice and snow.
  • Foldable arms for easy storage in a smart bag.
  • No contact with alloy rims.
  • Innovative design in line with the latest car models.
  • Colour-coded parts for easy mounting.
  • Not for off-road use.
  • Homologations/certifications/conformity: Ö-Norm 5117, UNI 11313 / CUNA, TÜV.


thule k summit xxl thule k summit xl thule k summit xl thule k summit xl thule k summit xxl


Technical description

ABS/ESP compatible  
External fitting  
Rigid arch fitting system  
Inside clearance 0 mm
Quick external release
Self-tensioning (1 stop for fitting)  
Manual tensioning (2 stops for fitting)  
Icebreaker reinforcements  
Alloy rim protection  
Internal flexible cable  
Vehicle’s empty weight (kg) >2000 kg
Warranty 5 years
SKU No 2004565766

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