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Thule Chariot Corsaire 2

Thule Chariot Captain is the durable traveller, robust and roomy for transporting heavier items. Bicycle kit included.

  • Sturdy plastic floor pan bolted to the chassis makes it extremely robust
  • Adjustable suspension for a smooth and stable ride
  • Extra storage space for hauling around cargo


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Technical description


Meets safety standards  
Anodized aluminum roll cage  
5-point child safety harness  
Reflective material  
Tinted windows  
Aerodynamic design  
Adjustable suspension  
Lightweight carrier  
Disc brakes  
Pivoting/Locking front wheel  
1st year of life accessories  
Click n’Store  
Rear storage  
Integrated accessory cross bar  
Parking brake  
Quick release back wheels  
Weather cover  
Hard bottom base  
Adjustable reclining seat  
Adjustable padded harness  
Integrated helmet space  
Adjustable handlebar  
Full or partial window venting  
Extra seat padding  
Enlarged child cockpit  
Weight capacity 45 kg
Weight* 14.5 kg
Note * Weights include handlebars
Shoulder width 65 cm
Sitting height 64 cm
Pass through 85 cm
Series Touring Series
Dimensions (LxWxH) 116 cm x 85 cm x 109 cm
Folded dimensions (LxWxH) 105 cm x 83 cm x 38 cm
Warranty 10 Year Frame Guarantee
SKU No 10100233

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