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Exhibition Unit

An Ifor Williams Exhibition Unit has a sleek and stylish exterior and the interior can be designed to any specification. We can build a tailor made mobile exhibition unit that effectively conveys your company’s message directly to your customer.

An exhibition unit can be used for a variety of purposes from promoting and selling goods or services to raising public awareness, fundraising and recruiting.

We will work with you to produce a practical and eye catching design which is both durable and functional.

This trailer can be wrapped by our wrapping technicians to give your exhibition unit a professional and modern look that fits with your business branding.

Technical description

BIAB Boxvan M
Tyres 195/60R12C
Gross Weight 3500kg
Unladen Weight 1310kg
Internal Length 4.45m
Internal Width 2.1m
Overall Length 5.96m
Overall Width 2.33m
BIAB Boxvan L / L Tri-Axle
Tyres 195/60R12C
Gross Weight 3500kg
Unladen Weight 1450kg / 1560kg
Internal Length 5.22m
Internal Width 2.21m
Overall Length 6.73m
Overall Width 2.33m

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