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CT115 & CT136

Both vehicle recovery and motor sport are catered for within the CT115 and CT136 trailer range. Twin high tensile galvanized steel structures are mounted on the exclusive Ifor Williams beam axle suspension and combine to give a versatile, strong and easy to use vehicle carrier.

Utilising the same lightweight construction on all four models, the single axle CT115 and CT136 (1400kg gross), twin axle (2000kg gross) and heavy duty (2600kg gross) models are lightweight trailers giving a maximum payload capacity of 1000kg, 1500kg and 2100kg respectively.


eurolight ct115 ct115 containers

Technical description

Modelos Medidas internas Neumáticos MMA TARA
CT – 1 eje
CT115 3,50 x 1,70 155/70R12C 1400 Kg 350 Kg
CT136SA 4,00 x 1,86 155/70R12C 1400 Kg 400 Kg
CT – 2 ejes
CT136TA 4,00 x 1,86 155/70R12C 2000 Kg 495 Kg
CT136HD 4,00 x 1,86 155/70R12C 2600 Kg 500 Kg

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