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Cruz Serie N+

Roof rack in reinforced steel with a compact and ergonomic design.

  • Compact & ergonomic design with a robust structure.
  • Wind deflector included.
  • Reinforced U-section profile with special design for more flexibility – add and place tubes as needed!
  • Easy fitting, adjust to the exact fixation points provided by the manufacturer.
  • Rail-guarding welded to the U-section profiles for a more resistant structure.
  • Optional: Adjustable load roller.
  • Optional: Walkway.


cruz serie n+ cruz serie n+ cruz serie n+


Technical description

Cruz Serie N+
 RALLAS 907-xxx
medidas 130-410 cm
pesobarras 13,2 – 50,0 kg
pesomaximo 180 kg
 info b f c v


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