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Cruz Rafter

Kayak carrier to be fitted to roof bars.

  • This kayak carrier has been designed to provide a comfortable and safe transport of one kayak placed horizontally on the roof of the vehicle.
  • It includes four adjustable supports covered with soft rubber. These supports adapt to the shape of the kayak’s hull and hold it securely in place during transport.
  • Straps with protectors to secure the kayak are included.
  • Quick and easy assembly.



Technical description


  • 940-622
  • Carries: 1 kayak
  • Kayak carrier weight: 3,65 Kg
  • Straps: Cruz straps with protectors 2x3m. LC: 200 dNa.
  • Compatible with: all Cruz bars.
  • Anti-theft device : No
  • Transport boat : horizontal
  • TÜV GS : No
  • City Crash : No


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