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Closely related to the Flatbed range, and with the addition of a sloping rear bed section, these trailers offer the flexibility of a Flatbed with the added benefit of a low loading height to the rear of the trailer.

As with all our Flatbed trailers, the Beavertail range can be fitted with one of our winch options, allowing the recovery and loading of broken down or unpowered vehicles.

We offer width options of 1.98m/6’6″ and 2.25m/7’6″ and length options of 4.23m/14’ and 4.77m/16’. The maximum gross weight for the lighter LT models is 2000kg, whilst the heavier LM models offer maximum gross weight of 3500kg.


beavertail containers

Technical description

Modelos Medidas internas Neumáticos MMA TARA
LT146/B 4.24×1.90 145/70R13C 2000 Kg 685 Kg
LM146/B 4.24×1.90 195/60R12C 3500 Kg 725 Kg
LM147/B 4.24×2.16 195/60R12C 3500 Kg 780 Kg
LT166/B 4.84×1.90 195/60R12C 3500 Kg 785 Kg
LT167/B 4.84×2.16 195/60R12C 3500 Kg 875 Kg

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